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Nuch On The Clouds
Publisher: Andrew Wilson
Category: Games

Nuch On The Clouds Nuch is Peck Palitchoke fanclub, Pineapple is her most favorite fruit. This version of game, Nuch's mission is collecting pineapples, peach, banana, and ginkgo leaf as many as you can. How to Play. - Tap somewhere on the half left of your phone screen to move to the left side. - Tap somewhere on the half right of your phone screen to move to the right side. - Beware of the dark cloud and falling down from the sky - Keep calm and enjoy playing. Story of this game. This game is created base on the story of Peck Palitchoke fan club. Nuch is the name he calls his female fan club and pineapple is the famous fruit among his fan club. Special Thanks to PeckPalit and 702 Fandom for this inspiration. Follow PeckPalit on 3 Apps Twitter : Instagram : Facebook : About MyPaLiT Twitter : website : Line Bot :
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