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User Calendar
Publisher: Yihang Huang
Category: Productivity

This is a powerful calendar program that allows you to customize the date of work and vacation, set various reminders, integrate system calendars, and store settings in the cloud space. Function introduction : 1.Gregorian and Lunar Query 2.Customize reminders for different colors of the Gregorian or Lunar calendar 3.Integrating system calendars, you can view system calendars directly in a simple calendar 4.User-set calendars can exist in the cloud space of a personal account, and the change is not lost 5.Fixed date interval reminder 6.You can add special dates to the system calendar in a simple calendar. The display will be distinguished by different colors, or you can hide other system calendars to distinguish between work and family trips 7.Reminder for weekdays (not counting holidays) 8.Users can customize vacation or non-holiday features 9.Astrology calendar
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