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Needs for Photosynthesis
Publisher: Sebit, LLC
Category: Education

The time has come to experience science like never before! With engaging and highly interactive activities, you… See it... Do it... Practice it... Apply it. Bring science to your device and take control of your learning. Determine what plants require to perform photosynthesis. Using four variables (water, carbon dioxide, oxygen, and sunlight), conduct a starch test and discover the factors necessary for photosynthesis. Learn that glucose (sugar) and oxygen are products of photosynthesis, and that plants store glucose as starch. • Make a hypothesis or prediction before the experiment. • Investigate the products of photosynthesis. • Interpret data to come to a conclusion about photosynthesis. • Discover what is needed for photosynthesis to occur. • Understand where photosynthesis occurs within a plant. App features: • Take charge! Explore biology in an engaging and interactive environment. • Practice what you learn and receive helpful feedback. • Investigate challenging topics with step-by-step support. • Demonstrate what you learn by taking quizzes. • Want more? Check out the AC library in the App Store.
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