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Publisher: Kevin Bruton
Category: Reference

The only App on the store to allow Local Data, Mobile, Weather, ISP, Travel, Lotto, Twitter Stats, News, Banking information, Anything can be "Quoted"! Want Push Notifications? Quota for OSX (see website) now available. QuotaLite is the free version of the #1 selling usage app Quota. This version allows 99% functionality for 1 account. You can In-App Upgrade this version to enable full functionality. The only App on the store to offer :- ✔ ISP/Mobile Usage with Usage 2D Charts for History ✔ Weather from around the world (BOM,NOAA, Google) - Thousands of places on earth ✔ 2x speed over other apps, Multi-threaded core ✔ Travel/Toll/Frequent Flyer/Coupons providers ✔ hundreds of providers available ✔ Summary screen - 1 button refresh ✔ Feel Secure entering your userid/passwords - Variable startup pin support (Min length 4) - All parameters stored in secure Key chain - Only connects to provider, never a 3rd party ✔ Roll your own provider with our dev kit ★ Current Providers - Not a complete list ★ ALL Statistics Google AdSense Google Analytics Twitter (Improved Display) ALL Weather Google Weather NOAA Weather AUS Banks Bankwest CBA (Balance only) NAB AUS ISP aaNet AAPT Adam ISP Amnet Bigpond Comcen/Spin Dodo Exetel ADSL Exetel HSPA iiNet (Updated) Internode iPrimus (Updated) MyNetPhone (Updated) Netspace ISP Optus Broadband Peoples Telecom TPG Broadband Velocity Internet Westnet AUS Leisure (New) FlyBuys Tatts Lotto AUS Mobile 3 Mobile 3 Prepay Crazy John's Optus Postpay Optus Prepay Telstra Billing Telstra Postpay Telstra Prepay TPG Mobile Virgin Postpay Virgin Prepay Vodafone Broadband Vodafone DataOnly Vodafone Postpay Vodafone Prepay AUS News MacTalk forums Whirlpool Watched and browse forum VIC CFA Alerts AUS Traffic (New) NSW Traffic Cams QLD Traffic Cams VIC Traffic Cams WA Traffic Cams AUS Travel NSW myE-Toll NSW Roam NSW Roam Express QANTAS FF QLD Go Card QLD Go via Velocity Rewards VIC Breeze VIC CityLink VIC Myki WA Smartrider AUS Weather (New) AWAP Project (Rain,Temp,Vapour,Solar,NDVI) Current Temp (Local forecast and temp) MSL Chart Loop (AKA Synoptic) National Radar (Satellite and Radar) State Radar Loop (200+ Radars) GBR Mobile O2 Balance Vodafone Prepay Vodafone Postpay GBR Traffic London Traffic GBR Travel Oyster Online IRL Mobile O2 Broadband Vodafone Postpay ITL Mobile Vodafone Fai Da Te NZL ISP Telstra Clear NZL Leisure Flybuys NZL Mobile Vodafone Account Vodafone Broadband Vodafone Prepay NZL Traffic (New) NZ Traffic Cams Canada Rogers Wireless Don't see your provider? International Users? We can add providers within hours via QuotaXML update server. QuotaXML is an open standard (we want Vendors to contribute and review!), you can download our free QuotaXML development kit and create your own provider. ★ SUPPORT INFORMATION ★ -------------------------------------- Please: Send an email to rather than writing a negative review which cannot be responded to. We respond within a few hours normally. -------------------------------------- ★ Website :- ★ Whirlpool discussion ★ Twitter (Live updates of XML update announcements)
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