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Keep Turning Fidget
Publisher: Ayumu Kinoshita
Category: Games

Turner self-explanatorily exactly! I will explain!when you turn round the handle on the screen,sound,vibrate and on top of that,Light will shine...over! Let's turn round the handle,and be a fool! ◆Description◆ ◆Manual◆ You just turn round the handle on the screen. Light only shine while turning. ◆Auto◆ You don't have to turn the handle. It's recommended for people that were tired. There are a lot of downside,but there are a few advantages,I will introduce its benefits. If she dropped her accessories in the dark... Light generator!!! Your figure turning desperately will lit a light in her heart. I can't get to sleep at night... Light generator!!! If you continue to turning,your day will never break!
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