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Remix FM
Publisher: Igor Dovbenko
Category: Entertainment

Remix FM is an online radio station targeting all the Lebanese and Arab communities living abroad. At Remix FM we know how hard it is to be living abroad, away from your families, we try as much as possible to keep you close together away from our daily stressful life with varieties of programs and music to help you feel closer to home and to keep you relaxed and entertained. Remix FM Player offers the best experience for streaming audio from all over the world. Listen to your favorite artists or bands, or catch news, music, and stories from anywhere in the world live. 
Listen to our live weekly entertainment shows including talk shows, game shows, and live DJs.

Brought to you by Remix FM, the Player gets you fresh listening from hot shows from your presenter Dany fouda along with Radio Director & DJ J “Jad Sharara”
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