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nowPill - FREE
Publisher: Claudio Franzi
Category: Productivity

This is a simple and easy to catch on ToDo list program aimed at fixing repeated appointments or one only. The graphics is intuitive, easy and handy. Excellent for people who need to take medicine (or medication) at set times. “Expired” stands for not taken (or not done) and the expired appointment is automatically renewed to the correct time. iPill is: •Simple & easy to use: iPill automatically organises your appointments by date and hour. •Quick: just two clicks and you can see and fix appointments; •Eye catching : you can immediately see expired appointments and future ones; •Appealing: with suitable images you can check the kind of activity, and its status (recursive, expired, completed); Click on a cell in order to check the appointment details and edit the existing activity. Swipe to delete or press “edit” button. i Pill is not only for pills, you can fix business meetings and various other kinds of appointments (hairdresser, beautician, etc.)
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