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Music Nepal AV
Category: Music

Music Nepal is the pioneering private music company established in 1982. Known for quality service, and continuous involvement, MN has always been a trend setter and the market leader of Nepal's music industry. MN played lead role in introducing royalty payment to creators and in bringing the copyright law in the country. This encouraged creators and helped the exponential growth of the industry. After the collapse of physical sales of music-cassettes and CDs, MN took the lead in the sales of music and videos in different forms such as Ring Back Tones in mobile and digital platforms. MN has more than 500 other music companies under its umbrella for the digital marketing of songs, videos and personal ring back tones. MN hosts the largest number of music related content of different genres in Nepali and other national languages. With over 40000 original songs and 10000 videos in digital format (still counting), ours is the largest catalog of music and videos in the country and is the one stop solution for all digital audio and video music demands. MN contents are available in more than 40 countries. MN has been awarded with various prestigious national and international recognition including the "Goldstar International Award for excellence in quality." MN continues adding value to audio-visual.
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