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KPop Anime Girl Dress Up
Publisher: Nurul Ahmed
Category: Games

It's your time to shine, now you can create your own kpop idol group! Kpop Girls Dress Up lets you customize your very own kpop idol group with over 1000+ combinations to choose from. Create your favorite idols, choose clothing inspiried by current famous idol groups, and share your creations via facebook, twitter, instagram, and google groups! Kpop Girls Dress Up Features: - Choose between 1 to 5 idols and customize them individually - Take a picture of your idol group and share it via social media (facebook, instagram, apple share, google groups, twitter) - Popular clothing, hats, and accessories inspiried by current idol groups - Variety of hair-styles from famous kpop girl idols - Various color options for clothing, hair, eyes, and more! - Drag and Drop your characters in the screen and allign them as you see fit
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