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On Call Calendar
Publisher: John Swan
Category: Utilities

The On Call Calendar is an essential app for anyone who follows a call schedule or does shift work. Gone are the days of painstakingly writing your call shifts into your busy calendar. Gone too are the days of having to scroll through your many dates and appointments to find out if you are on call on a given date. On Call Calendar is a quick, intuitive and easy way to keep your call shifts organized. Our app will sync with your regular calendar to add your call schedule there as well! We know that being on call can come in different forms - from variable shift work for some jobs to covering different hospitals or institutions in others. On Call Calendar allows you to assign customized colors to different call types so you can rapidly schedule them and see where you need to be with only a glance! On Call Calendar is an easy way to keep track of that most important event you need to reference and schedule quickly - your call schedule!
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