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Yeti: Snow Shoveling On-Demand
Publisher: Yeti LLC
Category: Utilities

Yeti is the first-ever snow removal app that specializes in shoveling out cars that are buried in the snow. Yeti is a matchmaking platform that connects would be snow shovelers ("Yetis") with those who don't want to deal with the harsh cold of a Boston winter. If your car is buried under snow on the streets of Boston all you have to do is pull up the app, drop a map pin at your car's location, then kick back and relax. While you enjoy the warmth and comfort of your home a Yeti will use the app to find your car and dig it out of the snow, sending you updates as they make progress. Once your car is free you simply review the pictures of the work and rate your Yeti while the Yeti heads off to their next location. Whether you're looking to make a little extra cash or you just hate shoveling snow, this is the app for you!
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