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Bucks Dog Training
Publisher: Keith Canady
Category: Lifestyle

Buck's Dog Training takes a balanced holistic approach to dog training. We take a look at the entire picture and take into account the dogs' history, behavioral issues, concerns of the K9 parent and design a training program tailored to the specific needs of that dog. We get many dogs with severe anxiety & fear to aggression and non-socialized dogs. We also get many dogs who just are young or undisciplined and need some basic training or socialization. We offer a variety of training packages preset and can also customize training packages based on specific needs. We offer private one on one lessons and board and train options ranging from one week to several weeks depending on the severity of the issues. We use a variety of training methods ensuring success for every dog coming through our training programs. We do utilize E-Collars when needed but we make sure we incorporate lots of positive motivational options with it like Play, Treats, Affection, etc. Via our mobile app our customers can: * Easily book an appointment and select their provider. * Receive appointment reminders * Receive important documents, media, etc via their app Inbox * Live chat with our staff * Get notified about special discounts and promotions we're offering * View our videos * And more!
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