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Nissan ambient lamp
Category: Lifestyle

Nissan Ambient Lamp turns ON at opening the doors. If doors left open for more than 5 min. lamps turn OFF. Once all the doors closed (within 5 min) Nissan Ambient Lamp continue to be ON for 8 seconds and then turn OFF with dimming effect. If the interior lamp in the vehicle has delayed turn OFF function, then this time gets added . Nissan Ambient Lamp remain ON while ignition is ON at user defined intensity. This function can be turned OFF using a dedicated button on mobile phone app. Light intensity can be changed using mobile phone app under these conditions – Ignition must be ON Doors must be closed ( wait till interior lamp turn OFF). Lamp color selection is through mobile phone app. Blue-tooth module inside Nissan Ambient Lamp ECU is ON only when the ignition is ON ,it also remains ON for next 5min after the ignition switched OFF. Ignition input can be alternatively connected to Park lamp or Acc.
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