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Publisher: Hisato Ono
Category: Games

It is a game which erases the square of the game area within one minute. 36 squares are painted in 6 colors, 6 kinds of patterns are drawn, 1 to 6 numbers are written in 6 colors. The 36 squares are divided into 35 games in the game area and 1 in the home area. Tap a square in the game area and it will be replaced with a square in the home area. You can erase the squares if the exchanged squares and the squares around the game area, or patterns, numbers, or numerical colors are the same. The point is determined by the sum of the numbers of squares erased and the number of squares. It will fail if a square remains in the game area. When all 35 squares in the game area are deleted, bonus points will be attached depending on the required time and number of taps. Please reduce the number of taps, shorten the time to completion, and earn high scores. The top 10 scores are recorded. By registering at the game center, you can see the score of others.
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