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Kinsbursky Catalyst Catalog
Publisher: Chris Voss
Category: Business

Not all scrap catalytic converters are created equal. Any experienced collector of scrap converters knows that its recycling value is dependent on the amount of contained platinum group metals (platinum, palladium, and rhodium). Thankfully, KBI Converter Recycling maintains a comprehensive database of catalytic converter values, which is based on proprietary assays conducted at its own state-of-the-art metals analysis laboratory. This Scrap Converter Buying Guide app, allows collectors access to this database to quickly determine the value of scrap catalytic converters based on the current metal market rates of platinum, palladium and rhodium. A collector simply enters a catalytic converter’s identification number into the Buying Guide to instantly receive a description of the converter and its most current scrap value. Using the KBI Scrap Converter Buying Guide app, collectors now have the ability to quickly evaluate their converters and get the best price for their materials. About KBI Converter Recycling: Currently one of the largest recyclers of scrap catalytic converters in California, KBI strives to provide collectors with the highest value for their units and maintain an operation built on trust and integrity. With a team of sales agents, KBI is not limited to California, having the ability to purchase converters on a global basis. KBI maintains stringent programs to ensure that we stay in compliance with all state and federal environmental and worker safety laws. Further, KBI adheres to a strict anti-theft policy, complying with all guidelines and requirements of California B&P Code 21610.
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