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Z dive log
Category: Sports

With "Z dive log" and "SCUBAPRO Diving Computer Z1" you can enjoy diving log management and Z1 settings easily. You can download Z1's diving log data via Bluetooth and you can enter the diving point, weather etc on the smartphone. ● Download dive logs Tap the upper right "Download" button of Z dive log then set your Z1 to Bluetooth Mode "ON", Z dive log automatically start downloading dive logs. If the "Download button is not displayed, tap the "Dive Log" button at the bottom of the display. Downloaded logs are displayed in the Dive Log List and you can check log list by swiping. On the Dive Log List screen, you can check the total dive times, total dive time, maximum water depth and maximum dive time etc at a glance, and you can tap each log to see the details. - List of Z1 log items that can be downloaded by Z dive log Date Start time End time Depth Graph* Max. Depth Avg. Depth Max. Depth Temp O2 Indicator N2 Indicator Warnings * Depth graph is created automatically. ● Checking, entering, and correcting dive log details You can enter the log details when you tap each log from Dive Log List. You can fill in the same way as the paper log book, such as Location, Spot, photos, tanks, exposure protection, sea condition, buddy/instructor and comments. If you attach a photo, the photo will be displayed on the Dive Log List screen and you can enjoy a colorful logbook. You can put 3 photos, main photo, instructor photo and buddy photo in one log. - List of items that can be input / modified in Z dive log Location Location Spot Entry Dive Log Date Start time End time Depth Graph Max. Depth Avg. Depth Min Temp O2 Indicator N2 Indicator Warnings Photo Tank Tank Material Gas Tank Capacity Start Pressure End Pressure Exposure Protection Suit Glove Boot Hood Inner Weight Sea Condition Weather Temperature Surface Temperature Bottom Temperature Visibility Wave Height Current Surge Wind Direction Wind Speed Buddy/Instructor Instructor Instructor No. Instructor Photo Buddy Buddy Photo Comments ● Saving the Depth Graph Image Tap the image of the depth graph on the log detail screen to save the depth graph image. You can upload the saved image to SNS or check on the PC. ●Tap the "Z1 Setting Change" tab at the bottom of the screen. On the Z1 Setting Change screen, you can set Basic Configuration, Dive Setting, Alarm Setting, Timer Setting, Configuring Time and Date Settings and World Time. You can change the Z1 settings from Z dive log. Tap the "Reading" button at the top right of the screen and tap the CONNECT button. Set your Z1 to Bluetooth Mode and press PLAN button once to change Bluetooth state "ON". Starts connection and reads the Z1 settings. After reading, you can change Z1 settings from Z dive log. Change the item you want to change and tap the "Writing" button and set your Z1 to Bluetooth Mode "ON", the Z1 settings are changed. -Z dive log Setting · Support menu list App Settings App color scheme Restore deleted Dive Log Items of Log display Tank Exposure Protection Sea Condition Buddy/Instructor Photo Unit Depth Temperature Pressure Volume Weight Log Data Export About Z dive log Web manual Introducing app to friends Write a review on the app store ● Export Log data CSV Choose the Export menu from the Settings / Support menu. A confirmation message will be displayed. Save the CSV data to the destination you want to save. You can check the saved CSV data on the PC.
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