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X gun Hunter
Category: Entertainment

【Introduce】 This is an entertainment application with AR technology integrate the elements of shooting and action. Muti-angle shooting, bunker, win scores through the body movement, exercise response of the speed and the performance of your judgment! Fight with enemy and battle with big BOSS! This is a very cool game which help with fitness and brain training, let’s challenge! 【About us】 Wuhan Showbaby Software Co.,Ltd, is a company committed to the development/ promotion/ application of AR Technology (Augmented Reality), aim at building AR ecological chain. Through Internet, Showbaby use AR in various fields, such as education, media, entertainment and so on, we have launched own AR products, In addition, we provide professional AR solution and technology support for our partner. 【Contact us】 1、Official Website: 2、Ways of cooperation: channel attracting, OEM, product agent 3、Tel:4000271291
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