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Oberstdorf 360 VR Paragliding Nebelhorn
Publisher: Torsten Hemke
Category: Travel

Awesome winter tandem paragliding VR experience above the Nebelhorn in Oberstdorf. Experience the adrenaline thrills of a tandem paragliding flight adventure above the Nebelhorn mountains in Oberstdorf. Discover the unique feeling as you swoop through the sky with no loud engine noises drowning out your enjoyment. When it comes to combining thrills with pure relaxation, nothing comes close to paragliding! Give it a try with this 360 degree virtual reality experience. How to use the App: Start the app and slip your iPhone into the VR headset (ie. Cardboard) and put it on your head. The App then uses the myriad of sensors already available on the iPhone to replicate your head movements, allowing you to look around the virtual environment. See our help page for additional instructions how to use the app! Supported VR headsets: - Google Cardboard - ZEISS VR ONE - Homido - Durovis Dive - DODOcase - Andoer - Stooksy - VRB60.3D - Archos - visusVR - Refugio 3D - ColorCross VR - VIGICA Virtual Reality Headset - SUNNYPEAK® - SimpleVR® - A24 Colorcross - JoyGeek Google Cardboard - TechIntheBox ColorCross - EightOnes VR Kit - AGPtek® - Soyan 2015 - NewSilkRoad Google Cardboard - KKmoon CST-01 - Konsait Google Cardboard - FIVESUNG® - DESTEK® - Ematic EVR410 - JoyGeek Google Cardboard - Neomark® - AFUNTA Universal VR - RiTech Virtual Reality - Yosoo® - ZwTech Google Cardboard - Google Cardboard Valencia - Virtual Reality VR TRID Screen Headset D601 - Angelia DIY Google Cardboard - HLPB Google Cardboard - EUG Google Cardboard - KKmoon New Arrival DIY - FAVOLCANO® - Mi3D Virtual Reality - VR Envy Velocity - Kollea Version Google 3D - Valuetom® - and others … you can scan your own VR headset with QR code for best suitable setting, find scan codes under:
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