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Keepsake - Gift Your Memories
Category: Photo & Video

Gift your memories along with your special things. With the Keepsake app you can organise, record and gift your treasured objects such as memories and stories. Keepsake connects you to your family through the stories you tell about your Keepsakes. Because you can't take it with you. Key Features: * Add your Keepsakes along with their photos, description and a voice recording of the story * Assign a recipient to your Keepsake and either keep it private or share the Keepsake with your loved one to view. * Set up a legacy contact who can access your Keepsakes and distribute them if necessary. * Export your Keepsakes to PDF to print and send to family or friends or include in your will; or even print your memories afterwards. * Share all the best memories with your beloved ones. * Edit your memories easily. What people are saying about Keepsake: "What a great app! Consumers prefer giving goods to people that they know/have a prior relationships with precisely because this relationship allows them to pass on the memories associated with it. I love that your app provides people a vehicle to do exactly that!" - Dr Rebecca Walker Reczek - The Ohio State University Add your Keepsakes: * Photos: Take photos of your items using the inbuilt camera with automatic focus and cropping features or import photos from your Iphone or Ipad * Descriptions : Describe the significance of the items by writing directly into the Keepsake App or pasting in your writings from elsewhere * Voice Recordings : To help make your memories even more personal Make up to 4 voice recordings for each item with the inbuilt recorder Gift your Keepsake and share with family and friends: * Pick a recipient: For each Keepsake you can assign a recipient. This information remains private until you choose to share it. * Gift: At a time to suit yourself, gift your special things and your memories through the app. Send out emails from Keepsake which will give your loved ones access to the details about the particular items you want to share with them. They will be able to read and hear what you have stored for them. Sharing memories of a loved one is something easily done through the app. Keep your Keepsakes safe: * Set up a legacy contact: Nominate someone you trust who could distribute your Keepsakes. Perhaps a lawyer or partner. They will have access to view your Keepsakes, email recipients on your behalf and export your Keepsakes. * Export your Keepsakes to Print or PDF : Print or email comprehensive reports so you have a hard copy record of what you have written. Or print out the shorter version and make booklets for your loved ones. Keepsake is useful in many ways: * Creating a will - record your special things and their recipients in Keepsake and then export to PDF to share with your lawyer. * Downsizing - record your special things in Keepsake before they are stored or gifted. * Family History - record the stories behind the special things that belong in your family so they are not lost between generations. * Dementia sufferers - record your special things in Keepsake. View a slideshow of your Keepsakes Keepsake is: * Easy to use * Innovative, one of a kind app * Adds stories and meaning to your special things * Helps your loved ones treasure your special things * Is accessible and supports dynamic text If you enjoy Keepsake please rate our app. Thanks! Like us on Facebook Email:
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