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ntv Bangladesh
Category: News

NTV has worldwide assortment of news and entertainment programming to viewers. 24 hour service increases its popularity. It switched over from analogue to digital technology. NTV opens the new chapter by extending its transmission of Bangla programs and Bengali culture to UK, USA, Canada, and Australia, Some parts of Europe, Middle East and as a part of ntv is going launch worldwide from January 31, 2015. is committed to fulfill readers and viewers choice. includes the following features, • News: is always updated with latest breaking news and information of top stories, weather, business, entertainment, politics, and more with depth coverage. • Live TV programs: including videos, photographs, reality shows and other exclusive entertainment programs. • Comments& Share: Subscribers can be able to comment and share any post to social as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn etc. Users can install this app in their iPhone and iPad to enjoy all our News and Live TV.
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