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Les échappées verre
Publisher: Orpheo USA
Category: Travel

Immersion in the luxury bottle manufacturing valley. Do you know that 70% of the world production of luxury bottles is made in the Bresle valley? Do you know that this industry has been developing in the Bresle valley since the middle of the 19th century? But that the first references to glass factories date back to the Middle Ages? Do you know that the Eu forest is closely linked to the establishment of the first glass factories of the territory? Last but not least, do you know that the companies with this knowledge are gathered in a cluster called the “Glass vallée”? That is what the mobile application “Glass adventures” and its “story-teller” suggest you to discover through three thematic road circuits. Among these three circuits, two circuits tell a taste of the history related to the glass industry from the Middle Ages to today by means of different contents (audio, text, picture, video, augmented reality). While a third alternative circuit will make you discover a couple of significant stained glass windows.
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