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Oily Manager

Oily Manager is the ultimate personal assistant for Young Living essential oil users! Whether you are a new member or a seasoned user of Young Living Essential Oil products, Oily Manager is here to help you be organized in every aspect of your wellness journey with Inventory, Recipes, Regimen and Wish List features. Business leaders: use this app as a business building tool by gifting it to your members! It’s a must-have resource to provide them with direction right from the start. Your new members will love having a tool that they can carry around with them everywhere they go, with built-in features such as pre-loaded recipes, the ability to create custom-tailored regimens, product information, an organized wish list and much more. This will help to make the experience much less overwhelming for members who are just starting out. Benefits and features: 1. Young Living Product Catalog -available right at your fingertips! - learn about general product information - add products to Inventory/Recipes/Regimen/Wish List - add custom products - search Product Catalog by names and/or product categories - keep Notes on each item for reference - see at a quick glance which items are in your Inventory or Wish List, and which products have Notes added 2. Inventory - manage your Inventory in a simple and dynamic way. Never forget to order a product again! - assign custom locations to Inventory items - select % full for each item - quick add of multiples of same items - search for products in your Inventory - filter your Inventory by location and/or % full 3. Regimen allows you to set up reminders for your daily wellness routine - schedule a personalized daily Regimen based on any time of the day and any day of the week - the custom Regimen screen allows you to pull in products and/or Recipes right from the product database and Recipe section of the app - choose to turn on alerts for any Regimen so you will get a notification on your phone at the selected time - set up Regimens for yourself and other family members 4. Recipes - Pinterest redefined! - easily upload recipe graphics from any social media account into your app - paste a web link of the original source right into the Notes section of the recipe. - upload customized pictures for your Recipes or even take one yourself - categorize your Recipes by usage method such as Diffuser, Topical, Internal, etc. - make Recipes a part of a regimen - share your Recipes with others right from the app! 5. Wish List - never forget which product you wanted and why! - easily add products from the Product Catalog to your Wish List - add custom Notes to help you remember important details about that product - move products from your Wish List to your Inventory in one single step - keep your Wish List organized by Product Category - search your Wish List
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