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Amo La Cumbia Radio
Publisher: Igor Dovbenko
Category: Music

Amo la Cumbia Radio is a Station for the lovers of Cumbia, we are a 24 hour cumbia music station. cumbia is a dance-oriented music genre popular throughout Latin America, While other genres of Latin American music have remained associated with specific countries or regions, cumbia has grown to be one of the most widespread and unifying musical genres to emerge from Latin America. is this station we are going to plays all kinds of cumbia like (mexican cumbia) which is a subgenre of cumbia which was reinvented in mexico, The Mexican cumbia has adapted versions of Colombian music like peruvian or argentine cumbia, among others.Other subgenres of Mexican cumbia include Cumbia Mariachi, cumbia andina mexicana and cumbia sonidera. is this station we are going to play cumbias that most of the popular radio stations don't play like cumbia from south america from countries like Argentina, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Paraguay and Bolivia and mostly cumbia sonidera from mexico
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