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Kahve Falı (Coffee Reading Horoscope) - Tasseology
Publisher: Thomas Binzinger
Category: Entertainment

The tradition of Tasseography - Tea leaf and Turkish coffee reading is now available on your iPhone and iPod touch. When you drink your cup of tea or coffee the leftover sediment has meaning. Touch the leftover leaves or grounds and you will learn about the future of your life in three key areas: love, money, and work. You'll be surprised. If you like astrology, a daily horoscope (or horoscopes and tarot), this fantastic program is something you cannot miss; features are: - beautiful, mystic and aesthetically pleasant graphics, even in 3D - a new prophecy each day taking the zodiac sign into consideration - fully animated through iPhone sensory movement - on screen text and spoken prophecy - English and Turkish language - multilingual, spoken instructions - predictions with tea or coffee - touch-activated signs - turnable zodiac-sign wheel The tradition of tea leaf reading arises independently from Asia and the Middle East. Now you can apply these ancient traditions to your everyday life whenever you wish. The process of Tasseology creates individualized interpretations and solutions that spark imagination. Tea leaf and Turkish coffee reading is a fun and creative way to listen to your thoughts while thinking about the Oracle's predictions.
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