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Y Blocks
Category: Games

COLORFUL, SIMPLE, ADDICTIVE and CHALLENGING! ’Y Blocks’ is one of the best Block arranging games available on the App Store. It’s easy, funny, simple, exciting and suitable for all ages. - HOW TO PLAY - • Create horizontal or vertical lines by placing blocks on the Grid. • When the line completes, it will disappear. • Color matching of blocks is not required. • Place the blocks according to their shapes on the Grid. • The more lines you clear, the higher your score will be. • Clearing multiple Lines at once, gives you a higher score. • Survive for as long as you can to get a higher score. • Game will be over if there is no room to place any more new blocks. - FEATURES - • Minimalistic, Simple & Elegantly designed Game • Easy to Play and enjoyable for all ages! • Various Multi-colored Blocks and Colorful Graphics • Auto save your progress to continue later • No Time Limits • Online Global Leaderboards to complete with people around the world • In-App Purchases to remove Ads - TIPS - • Place the blocks in the appropriate position • Try not to leave blank spaces between blocks • Try to keep half of the Grid empty so big blocks can be placed there if required • Try clearing lines as soon as possible • Try to place big blocks on the sides of Grid • Complete multiple lines at once, to get bonus scores • Remember, the blocks CANNOT be rotated • There are no time limits in the game so take your time to place the blocks strategically - JOIN US ON FACEBOOK - FOLLOW US ON TWITTER - FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM - DON’T FORGET TO RATE US Rate and Review us on the App Store to give us your invaluable feedback, as we are always looking to add new features and make this game more enjoyable for our players! - EMAIL US Send us your queries and suggestions at ‘’. We are always here to help. So let’s start making our life more colorful and fun by playing Blocks. Enjoy, Y BLOCKS TEAM.
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