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Quantum Frequency
Category: Utilities

This is a custom frequency generator app for the forthcoming products - the QSB and QTB. It can be used to generate healing tones to the device's speaker in programmable sequences. This might have beneficial effects but it is generally not pleasant to the ears. The first device this app is intended to work with is the QSB - Quantum Scalar Box. This converts the frequencies from the app to pulsed energy waves, also known as scalar waves. It is a derivative of Nikola Tesla's work. This device is due for a limited release in early to mid-2017. The QSB will be a revolution in affordable energetic healing devices but it will only make sense to people open to the idea that we are primarily energetic systems who's problems stem from energetic imbalances. The idea that our problems are rooted in energy opens the door to the solutions to our problems being in the domain of energy and frequency. It also opens the door to a new paradigm of healing based on physics. Please feel free to download and be sure to go on our database to be offered a chance to own one of the first limited release units.
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