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Keys trick
Publisher: Vignan Sankati
Category: Games

Bored of the routine stuff? Wanna flex your fingers? Then get ready to join the fun! But wait! Who’s stopping you???? Fine tune your concentration, get your fingers ready for the ride and grab the ball by downloading the app- KEYS TRICK. Got the trick? Not yet? Skim through to join the crew!! Features: - Single player model - Play over any number of games - Start with the timer tick - Stop with the timer tock - Save your score card as a token of achievement! - Showcase your scorecard - Let your friends also play! Share the app! RULES (Not hard to follow, though!) • The game starts with a timer ticking off for you to drive your fingers through the buttons. • Skim through the direction displayed on the button and immediately flit your fingers towards the given direction. • A right stroke on the button placed in the displayed direction earns you a point. • A wrong move will trigger you to act smartly and give a fair try once again! • That’s not the end, play if the timer decides to tock off! • Before deciding to flex your fingers and ride through the buttons, you can set the timer and enroll your name. • The timer starts and goes off according to the time set • After finishing the game, a scorecard is provided as a token of achievement. Save your cards by clicking on SAVE. • Wanna play another level? Then capture your movements within a shorter time by setting the timer. Got the trick? Then grab the ball by downloading the app!
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