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Neighborhood IQ
Publisher: William Parker
Category: Lifestyle

Get the IQ of the area you are in anywhere, anytime. See your neighborhood’s collective IQ in real time or add other locations to check out their IQ. Tap on the scores to see a map of IQ scores in your neighborhood. See a chart with the IQ of your neighborhood, zip code, county, and state. The median IQ in the U.S. is 100 signified by the red line on the area bar chart. Neighborhood IQ classifies average IQ as a score in the range of 90-109. The Neighborhood IQ score is based on real data supplemented by a predictive model that uses factors such as educational attainment. Historically, IQ tests have been criticized as having different forms of bias such as cultural bias and uncertainty over what the test actually measures. For example, does the test measure true intelligence or accumulated knowledge? Does it favor neurotypical individuals as opposed to different ways of thinking such as a person who organizes their thoughts visually? Neighborhood IQ attempts to address these concerns and also remove cultural bias by incorporating access to educational opportunities as a factor in the model.
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