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Kids and Fruits Learn numbers smart math game 1-10
Publisher: Philippe Pinceau
Category: Games

Kids have fun with their toys friends in previous mobile game available on App store : children can now enjoy the new math game Kids and Fruits learn numbers game 1 to 10. It’s « Kids & Fruits learn numbers, smart math game 1 to 10 ». Here you are ! Are you ready ? 123, let's go ! Hello dear kids, Parents , Teachers, This game for boys and for girls introduces « Quantities ». Available on tpt : it's an other simple teacher kit tool too. Our kids count Fruits with their fingers in this numbers app ! Watch out dear fellows : there is a finger twister challenge to rise up psycho motor skills ! Indeed it’s not so easy to reach , hold and count Fruits on their play grounds. Good luck ! What skills, are kids and parents learning ? Number smart : Recognize shapes of numbers from 1 to 10 Keep kids focus on Fruits quantities : young learners have to count funny Fruits with their fingers. Body smart : « Drag and drop » action is classical way to develop motor skills. Fruits and numbers game for kids rises coordination’s abilities of boys and girls : children touch and hold each Fruit appearing on playground one by one. Kids pay attention and look for Fruits on screen, then they have to play as fingers twister to reach each Fruit on screen. Finally kids learn strategy to reach each Fruit easily and use their hands and fingers accurately. Nature smart : Fruits dance and laugh when children answer correctly to avatar Leo and Lea math quiz. Any kid is able to learn few fruits names and colors. Word smart : anytime during playing time, kids learn about numbers names in English. Young learners learn fruits names in English. Our kids may know Fruits names if they play with Fruits game adventure for kids or the Fruits game for junior. Both boys and girls games are available on Apple store. Interjections positive are negatives guide and support kids answering. Features : Colorful numbers from 1 to 10 to learn quantities 11 Fruits are available to teach quantities to our little ones. 5 backgrounds, inside, outside designed in Kitty Kawaii simple style to learn easily for our toddlers. Parental gate to share any funny experience with parent friends and young buddies on social media. In conclusion : Fruits and numbers games for kids 1 to 10 is the right choice to learn quantities. Kids have fun to discover their fingers twist abilities : they look for Fruits and hold them to count them with their tiny fingers. From now this app give a number sense for our children. Fruits and numbers game for kids 1 top 10 has been created by My Famous soft team : teachers, designer, developers, marketer, thank all parents, teachers and kids for their feed back and their trust. Feel free to contact us to have more information about educational games for smart kids : You can review « Fruits and numbers game for kids 1 to 10 » on apple store.
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