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KRS Tool Box
Category: Productivity

The KRS Tool Box is designed to be the best mobile resource for technical and service information for mid-west HVACR contractors, engineers, and building professionals. You can customize outputs and include your company logo and information and improve the efficiency and professionalism of your company. We use your location to provide enhance the usability of our system tools. Communication features: Find and communicate with all Key Refrigeration Supply branches View full details on KRS training and branch activities Access our vast technical library to access resources and email resources to your customers from the app Refrigeration Tools Refrigeration characteristics and pressure temperature calculators for 21 current refrigerants Box Load calculator to properly size refrigeration system and email results to your customer Troubleshooting for condensers, rack systems, compressors and TXV’s Temperature conversion for farenheit and celcius HVAC Tools Manual J heat and cooling calculation for ducted or hydronic systems with automated equipment selection. Customized output designed for residential and light commercial applications. Duct sizing tools for metal and flex duct Troubleshooting for Ruud, LG and Friedrich systems Quick calculators for Wet Bulb and Dew Point Temperatures, CFM loads, BTU capacities and water flows and much more Energy Calculators and Operating Cost Calculators
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