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Publisher: takayama kenji
Category: News

"Zoid field of rebellion" is a professional capture application. We update information by breaking news such as the latest official information and conclusion summary article. The bulletin board for Zoid field of rebellion users is also substantial so you can easily exchange information and exchange information among users enjoying the same game. The check of the attack information about Zoid field of rebellion is OK if there is one application. "About Implementation Function in Capture App" ■ News You can check the official information on Zoid field of rebellion and the latest strategy information. Also, since popular articles are notified by push notification periodically, it is convenient because you can easily check only topic information even if it is not attached to the application. (To accept popular article information, please allow push notification, you can turn it off afterwards) ■ Video You can check out Zoids Field of Rebellion Strategy videos and related videos at once ■ Capture You can check information useful for Zoid Field of Rebellion's strategy ■ Recruitment bulletin board Various recruitment at Zoid Field of Rebellion is possible ■ Q & A bulletin board Anything you can consult about Zoid Field of Rebellion. ■ Chat bulletin board Zoid field of rebellion Please use as a place of interaction between users. There is no restriction on the theme ※ This application is an unofficial application of "Zoid Field of Rebellion", it has nothing to do with the management company. * All functions such as browsing and writing with this application can be used for free. * Please do not post in writing on bulletin board, slanders slander or writes which other users feel unpleasant.
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