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Publisher: Richard Pitts
Category: Lifestyle

The Ultimate Ben Franklin App: Adventures of the Greatest Mind of His Era.    In colonial times, Franklin's yearly "Poor Richard's Almanac's” were second in sales only to the Bible.  These almanacs were filled with wit and wisdom much of which you cannot find with a search engine.  We have analyzed/scrutinized nearly all his quotes and writings and skillfully organized them by topic, providing you with nearly a thousand of his best quotations.  Upon opening the app, you will notice Franklin’s face on the hundred-dollar bill animated into a real life, nearly three-dimensional rendering of what Franklin actually looked like.  The app grants you access to the complete text of the Autobiography of Ben Franklin, a perennially popular read, including bonus features such as Franklin’s daily schedule and formula for a successful life. In addition, users are encouraged to peruse a mind map complete with a zooming interface, a gallery displaying prints from the Almanac’s inner pages and a photo gallery displaying the inventor’s discoveries and innovations. We are happy to bring you this unprecedented offering for a price so low we guarantee it'll be the best dollar you've ever spent.
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