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Publisher: OuiSi Inc.
Category: Photo & Video

Welcome to OuiSi. The art of great conversation. OuiSi is a home for photographic conversations. Our app turns the simple act of sharing photos into an engaging visual dialogue. Start a conversation with a photo and invite friends to respond with photos that build visual connections. The result is a surprising thread of one-of-a-kind images that reflect the unique perspectives, real-life experiences and ideas of the group. The thread is downloadable and sharable as one piece of co-created artwork. Like great dinner parties, nobody can predict where these conversations will go. But wherever you end up, you will begin to notice overlooked details in the world around you. You may even discover something new about how your friends see the world. When is the last time you had a conversation that sparked your mind and opened your eyes? Join us at OuiSi for a conversation that connects you with your friends, family, colleagues and your own creativity. Find each other in the things you see.
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