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Calc&Save Free
Publisher: Sergey Petrov
Category: Productivity

Calc&Save Free is a calculator that allows you to save, review and edit your calculations. You can scroll through the calculator view, change, add, or remove values and operations. The order of math operations is modifiable by the use of brackets. When you close the application it remembers the state of your last calculation and restores it when open Calc&Save again. You can give your calculation a name of your choice and save it. Load previously saved calculation and continue working on it. Pros. - You can save unfinished calculation to continue it later. - You can keep finished calculation for future reference. - You can easily change values and operations inside the calculation. - Brackets support allows you to make more complex calculations. - Calc&Save works with long numbers (18 digit precision, both millions and millionths) and uses scientific notation if needed. - Undo/redo functionality is supported Cons. - Only basic operations supported (+-*/). - Calc&Save Free saves upto 10 calculations. Full version of Calc&Save with additional functionality (more functions, unlimited saving, cell names) is available at AppStore. Check for full functionality description. ------ Yappler-Tags: Calculator,Tape-calculator,spreadsheet,free
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