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World TV India
Category: Entertainment

World TV India is an internet based TV Channel viewing application targeted for communities residing in India. With more than 250 channels - catering languages and communities such as English, Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, Bengali, Nepali, Russian, Vietnamese, Italian, French, Kazak, Italian ,French, Korean, Mongolian, Indonesian, Filipino, Pakistani, Afghani, Bhutanese, Gujarati, Punjabi - this application enables our viewers to watch their favourite TV Shows and TV Channels wherever they are. World TV India also enables users to watch LIVE TV on the go anywhere, anytime ubiquitously through their smart devices (iPhone, iPads) via internet. World TV India can be used simultaneously in more than 3 devices without any interruption. With World TV India you never need to worry about missing your favourite LIVE TV program as you can watch the DVR(Catch up TV) of upto 7 days. New IT Venture Corporation is looking to expand its reach in Global community through World TV India changing the way we view TV and provide amazing TV watching experience. Its HD quality streaming which consumes minimum internet bandwidth and uninterrupted live streaming. We have also tied up with local Telcos and wireless carriers in different nations for smooth uninterrupted video streaming experience. World TV India will take your TV watching experience to the next level with its high quality HD and flexible pricing scheme backed by online 24/7 support through our support friendly support Engineers. We are also taking request to publish TV Channels at World TV India whereby broadcasters can reach a large audience. Features : Ubiquitous Surfing Catch up TV HD/HQ Streaming LIVE Stream Internet TV TV Guide Radio News
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