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Monster World: Killer Hero
Publisher: Nguyen Dang Quynh
Category: Games

Monster World: Killer Hero is a chase of horror spooky monster fight will require great sort of infinity skill.Let’s hunt in Jurassic forest where you will face horrible wild animals, monster and you have just crossbow to hit and target those animals. You will feel like a professional archer, tense the string take an arrow from the quiver, target and hit the evil animals. You are here as a dreadful crossbow archer to deal with demon ,devil and monsters in the forest .Your mission is to clear the area having fear in heart using unique framework of action fight with snake having twheads, nag and nasty zombie target. Features - Lots of exciting operations and adventure - Play in dark, dense and nasty forest - lots of wild animals, monster and crossbow effects - Tps crossbow gameplay - Easy and impulsive controls - Exciting 3D Framework.
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