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Publisher: kevin johnson
Category: Lifestyle

Xente Life App Description (pronounced Zhin-Ta): Achieve success and fulfillment when you “Connect To What Matters”. Are you tired of being drawn into the extreme hustle and bustle of everyday life? Have you been overly consumed with what seems like a never-ending pursuit of traditional success or the quest for wealth, respect or status (Which includes the chase for things like: Money, cars, houses, personal status, career achievement etc.)? Do you find that your own health has suffered because you feel like you can’t stop or slow down enough to enjoy what’s already right in front of you? Have you witnessed your friends or even family members pass on having never met the dream they worked so painstakingly to achieve? Would you admit that your job or life goal has been the single greatest emphasis above all other priorities in your life? Do you find that even when you achieve a little bit of traditional success as measured by mainstream society, it only provides limited happiness or satisfaction that last only a short while? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions you may be suffering from the effects of not focusing on or living a complete life. The Xente Life app was designed to help you recognize, focus and connect to what matters in life. When polled most people openly share that significant others, family, friends, community, self and their vocation/jobs are the things that matters most in life. The issue is that most people place the greatest amount of attention into one or two of these areas at a cost or a detriment to the others. As a result of this limited focus in life, we have replaced authentic connecting with message tagging or flyby virtual relationships by way of the internet or mobile media to help fill the void to no significant avail. In fact, most people today have become overly effective at hiding behind these tools of convenience, perpetuating superficial connections. The Xente life app is not a gadget of distraction where you have to manage a list of 500 friends, but a tool of commitment that will help you intentionally live a more focused, balanced and complete life connecting to whom or what really matters in your life. This app may not be for everyone but for those who are ready to experience what a complete life has to offer, the effective use of this app will create the kind of success and fulfillment that is real and that will have impacts for generations to come. Don’t miss out on this life changing opportunity. Start your Xente life today! Special Features: • In-App connection assessments to analyze your level of engagement • Human avatar screens displaying specific Xente element connection results • Automatic connection prompts and event reminder pop ups • Event Creation ability to facilitate live and in person get-togethers • Notifications tab so you don’t miss an opportunity to initiate or accept connection requests • Memory book option to capture moments during your created events • Notification frequency management helps manage the flow of connection prompt pop ups and Xente life element prioritization • Change profile (update) as your life status changes • Events List displaying all Active and past events created • Invite new connections to the Xente platform Xente Proclamation: Xente (Zhin-Ta) Real People: It's you and me. We consist of all ages, social classes, races, genders, languages, religions, etc. Real lives: You face your individual walk of life with integrity, while doing it each and every day no matter if the traditional idea of success is realized or not. Real Success: You look for and see the many successes connected to your whole life, not just the ones connected to your job or life's status alone. You have embraced your journey in life, which keeps you engaged with the people and the things that matter the most... This is Xente!
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