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Kids University Learning Game - PreK Education
Category: Games

Free & No InApp Purchase in game Kids Preschool University is a first words app for your toddlers, children and kids. You can use this app as baby flash cards or flash cards for toddlers. This app is designed for kids educational purposes. Teach words for toddlers using this app. This is a unique app in all baby apps for 1 year olds.The app contains 1000+ flashcards and 10+ educational games. ********* FEATURES ********* 1. Hundreds of flashcards in various categories -Animals -Transport -Bodies -Alphabets -Numbers -Shapes -Colors -Foods -Fruits -Vegetables -Hobbies -Music -Weather 2.Interactive and lovable characters 5.Hundreds of audio files, including words, sound effects, and musical themes produced by professional sound engineers, voice over artists and language experts. 6.Simple Navigation for kids. 7.Teaches kids how to pronounce letter sounds and recognise words while having fun at the same time. ********* GAMES ********* Kids Preschool University also includes 9 fun games designed specifically for preschoolers; 1.WORD MATCH – Is it a Dog, a cow or a horse?! Match the correct word with the image on the screen, complete with sound effects – Teaches word association and image recognition. 2.SPELLING GAME – a powerful education tool, which provides many hours of fun and learning. This game is designed especially for little fingers and teaches toddlers how to recognise and match letters. 3.ODD ONE OUT - very populer educational game for kids, kids have find one option which is not match with all objects. 4.MATCH SHADOW - a famous shadow game , kids have to drag objects to its shadow. 5.TRUE FALSE - freaking game for all objects , one word and one image will display in screen , kids have to decide that the spelling is correct for object or not. 6.MAKE PAIR - kids have to draw line between correct image for correct words. 7.DRAWING PAD - drawing pad for kids , multiple colours , multiple brush size option , reset drawing pad . 8.MATCH PUZZLE - the famous pair game or memory training game , kids have to find pair of images by flipping the cards. 9.COUNTING GAME - kids have to count all objects which is given in screen.
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