We help businesses reach mobile consumers with personalized promotions, build and maintain trusted B2C relationships and become better corporate citizens.

Reach Mobile Consumers with Personalized Promotions

You have different types of consumers. Some are loyal customers to your brand while others are new prospects. You want to reach each type of consumers with personalized promotions based on their buying history. However, these consumers are scattered across millions of different apps and billions of devices. Today, the only way to reach them is through advertising platforms' paid services.

Currently, you use advertising platforms to pitch the same promotion to all or send targeted messages based on consumer personal information (such as demographics, location, gender and other parameters), hoping your messages will resonate to your target audiences. Yet, personal information collected without the consent of consumers by these platforms constitutes in a violation of their privacy. With the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and recent data breaches, the existing practices and relationships between businesses and advertising platforms have become a concern among consumers.

Hibe ensures consumers' privacy is always protected while offering your business the opportunity to:

  1. send highly personalized promotion on your products and services to your existing customers and prospects on whatever app they are,
  2. deliver your messages based on the way these consumers want to be targeted and at the right moment. This includes their interests of the moment, demographics, behaviours and specific keywords they provide,

Build and Maintain Direct and Trusted B2C Relationships

Today, your relationships with consumers are owned and controlled by advertising and social media platforms such as Google and Facebook. These platforms charge you to communicate with your target audiences and do not allow you to build a direct relationship with consumers. As online consumers scatter across millions of different mobile apps, these traditional platforms are no longer capable of helping you communicate with your existing customers nor build new relationships with prospects.

The communications between your business representatives and consumers flow through these platforms that collect and use this information for their own benefits. This information is used to profile consumers and can also be sold to your competition, thus putting privacy at risk and undermining your relationship with them.

Hibe delivers a new B2C relationship model that ensures the privacy of your interactions with consumers. This privacy-centric platform allows you to build and maintain trusted relationships with consumers on whichever apps they use or whatever apps your team uses to interact with them.

Enhancing Corporate Social Responsibility and Reputation

In this digital economy, your business bears a societal responsibility as people's fundamental privacy rights are violated and your advertising money is probably used to support platforms contributing to the violation of those privacy rights. In this context, how do you manage to promote, build and maintain B2C relationships without compromising your brand reputation?

Obviously, promoting and maintaining relationships with consumers is vital to your business. Hibe represents the viable platform for your business to enhance your corporate social responsibility and reputation, while helping you achieve your business goals.