Hibe on Chips

Trends forecast 1 trillion connected devices, including 125 billion IoT, coupled with bots and cyborgs by 2030.

As we move toward this hyperconnected world, we are gradually being represented by our devices, which will be entrusted with building and maintaining a dizzying combination of connections and relationships, depending on the constantly changing contexts we find ourselves in our daily lives. The ability for our devices to instinctively and seamlessly protect our privacy without resorting to unnatural, inefficient, and counter-instinctive practices such as regular manual inputs and privacy settings will become a critical aspect of this connected society.

To this end, Hibe proprietary technology is being embedded at the device core to ensure privacy is protected from its innate core. We work with partners to ensure that all communications flowing through devices are protected naturally and intuitively, thus safeguarding our privacy across the myriad of different applications running inside these billions of devices.

This becomes a go-to model for device manufacturers as consumers get more and more choices when choosing devices in this hyperconnected world where privacy and security are at the forefront.