Enjoy the many facets of your relationships.

With Hibe Persona, you decide how you want to appear in your different relationships with others and what information they have about you. Updates happen automatically so you don't have to stay on top of their most current info and activities.

Hibe Persona allows you to easily stay in touch and manage the information you provide to the people in the different parts of your life. You decide who can access specific information about you and how you appear to them.

How Hibe Persona compares:
Existing social applications
  • You have only one way to present yourself to the many people in the different facets of your life.
  • You have to track, update and maintain everyone's info from different social platforms to keep up with what they are up to.
Hibe Persona
  • Define how you want to represent yourself to people in specific facets of your life.
  • Do nothing except maintain the information about you.
Hibe Dashboard: Everything at a glance

The Hibe Persona dashboard gives you an at-a-glance look at the different facets of your life and who is associated to which facet.

  • Central notification from people you have in your network for all the applications powered by Hibe.
  • Different facets of your life
  • Number of people in each facet
  • People in each facet
  • Specific groups and people assigned to a facet
  • Central request from people you may know using all the applications powered by Hibe.

The Power of Multiple Facets

Keep in touch with people in the different parts of your life using specific Personas.


You can add people manually or import them from your device.

  • Because you're assigning people to a specific facet, the persona image you use for that facet will be the one that appears to them.
  • When you add people to a given facet, you can assign them to specific groups or relationships associated with this facet of your life. A person can be added to more than one facet.

When the people connected to you change their information, it's automatically updated so you don't have to do a thing.

Your relationships can change over time.
  • Sometimes our relationships start out under one context and over time can grow into another. For example, your colleague can become your friend.

Easily define the different ways you're connected to someone to show the many sides of your relationship.

The many sides of your relationships.

With some people in your life, you are connected in multiple ways: A colleague can also be a friend and someone you went to college with can also be a client.

Hibe makes it easy to organize your relationships and allows you to keep in touch with what's going on in the different parts of their lives.

  • This is the way Andrew wants to appear to you as a colleague and also as a friend.
  • This is the personal and professional information he wants to share with you.
  • This is how you've defined your relationship(s) with him.
Keeping in touch is easy.

Welcome to the Hibe Notifications section. At the click of a button you are quickly updated on what your connections are up to.

Whether its in your personal, professional, academic or anonymous life, some are sharing new information while others are updating their profiles.

Now, its easy to stay in touch and on top of what the various people in the different parts of your life are doing.