Separate profiles for your different activities.

Hibe Share is a privacy-aware app that allows you to create multiple sub-identities under one general account. These sub-identities, known as personas, can be created for personal, professional, academic and even anonymous interactions. Each persona has its own customized profile information, together with a dedicated audience you have selected from your contact list. Each audience is only aware of that persona to which it has been assigned, unaware of the existence of your other personas and the different information they may contain. You can then use the persona of your choice to share specific content with a dedicated audience. As such, you control who sees what content, and how you appear to them. In this manner, Hibe Share constantly safeguards your privacy and image, allowing you to truly and freely interact with your entire social network.

We all know that social media platforms don’t reflect real life, because you aren’t the same person to everyone. Hibe Share separates the many sides of you.

How Hibe Share compares:
Existing Social Media Platforms
like Facebook
  • You only have one profile to display to your audience.
  • Your newsfeed is full of a lot of content you’re not interested in.
Hibe Share
  • Separate your interests using multiple personas and defined audiences.
  • Control your image and delete content entirely from a specific part of your life.
Hibe Dashboard: Everything at a glance

The Hibe dashboard gives you an at-a-glance look at the different facets of your life and who is associated to which facet.

  • Central notification from people you have in your network for all the applications powered by Hibe.
  • Different sharing interactions of your life: Personal, Professional, Academic and Anonymous
  • How you portray yourself when you want to carry out Sharing activities with people in this specific facet.
  • Like channels, you can turn your facets on and off to disable/enable activities with people in these facets.
  • Contacts in each facet
  • Specific groups and contacts assigned to a facet
  • Central request from people you may know using all the applications powered by Hibe.
Your Feed

No noise here. Your feed is populated with content shared by your contacts in that particular facet of your life.

  • Easily filter the content you want to view in a particular part of your life.
  • You may decide to Dislike a post. A menu of "reasons" will appear to choose from so you can select why you dislike it. (Bullying, inappropriate content etc).
  • The Magic Eye lets you view which of your contacts can see a particular post.
  • All posts are grouped together so you can see all related posts in a single click.
  • Identify people who are associated with a specific organization

The Power of Faceted Sharing Activities

Image, effciciency and prioritization


Finally, you can share content without worrying who will see it or if you'll be taken out of context.

Pick a persona, choose an audience and share!

  • You share a post under a specific persona.
  • Before sharing, you can even categorize your post within a Booklet.
  • The content you share can only be seen by a specific group of people - you're in control.

Booklets can be used to manage content. They're like containers of content that people can follow.

  • You can also easily see what you've shared because each post is tagged and assigned to a Booklet.
  • With Booklets, categorizing and organizing your content is simple and efficient, especially when you want to track, re-share or even delete content from a specific part of your life.
More About Booklets
  • A Booklet is a container for topic based content.
  • This shows that 42 posts on this topic can be found within this Booklet. The posts can be anything from photos, videos, documents, text and links.
  • Alerts help you keep up to speed with the latest activities within a post.
Managing Your Booklets

OWNED Booklets are booklets that you have shared. With a click of a button, you can hide content you've already shared and it will disappear from your audiences' feeds.

RECEIVED Booklets are booklets that your contacts have shared with you. You can Follow, Unfollow and even hide people's specific booklets from your feed. For example, you may want to follow someone but not the content about their "Family Reunion".

Easily keep track of the Booklets you've kept HIDDEN from your network. For example, no one can see the "vision board" you've secretly created for yourself.

Viewing People You Interact with

When you view one of your contact's Personas, for example, with Christopher Lang you can view:

Contacts you have in common

His recent Activities

The Contact Info he wishes to display to you

With one of your specific Personas, you can Follow, Favorite or Report a contact.

Follow or Favorite Specific Contacts
  • Using any of your Personas, you can Follow a contact's Persona without Following or all of their personas.

In other words, you don't follow that person entirely, just that specific part of their life.

The same goes for Favoriting and Reporting